After your wax:
(bikini, hi-hollywood, full betty)

• Try to refrain from exercising, swimming or tight clothing that may irritate the area within the first 24 hours.
• Do not get any direct sunlight on the freshly waxed area within the first 24 hours.
• Wait 24 hours and then gently exfoliate the area with your exfoliating gloves or loofah. Follow up with an ingrown hair product.

Doing this will help restore your skin’s suppleness and weakens hair follicles, inhibiting future growth. This will help banish bumps and ingrown hairs.

• Continue to exfoliate daily so pores don’t get clogged, creating bumps and ingrown hairs.
• If redness or swelling occurs, you can apply a 1% hydrocortisone creme to the area up to 3 times a day.
• If large or deep bumps occur, applying a warm compress can help bring the hair up to the surface quicker

These are Betty’s opinions based on experience doing this all day, every day… we are not dermatologists or Dr’s… just the best waxers in town!