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AS A BUSINESS OWNER, I CAN SMELL A RAT FROM A MILE AWAY. CONVERSELY, IT HAS ALSO HONED MY SNIFFER TO PICK UP THE SWEET SMELL OF SUCCESS. I just cannot express my deep affection for this intoxicating little space. I first was greeted by the nicest, most eloquently accessorized little lady at the front desk, Mercedes, and I know if she were to pull that ponytail out she would have the most fabulous of fro's. (I will never stop judging people by their hair, and women with fro's are always to be trusted.) Super nice. I was led into the back area by Hallie who, in my ten plus years of being in this industry, got a full on brow consultation for the very first time. Neet-o! It's always a treat to feel virginal past a certain age. I was so relaxed I almost fell asleep, and right before I slipped into a dream-like state I was done - with, wait for it... thicker and more full brows then when I arrived! You see, as we age we start losing it, or wits, our hair, our elasticity... so to be able to put some of that back with something as simple as a wax, well, I am sold sister.

Jackie Mans, owner of Brow Betty, spent her childhood in Lake Oswego, moved to LA in her elder years, and came back to open her business in December, a mere week before the highly dramatized winter storm of 08. She has seen people in Cali be successful at similar business models and decided to bring it here. A smart one, that Jackie, she spent a year doing what PC people call 'market research' going around to several different establishments to get a feel for the perfect brow. She settled on those that had the trainings of the Anastasia brand (www.anastasia.net)as being the most exemplary of shapes, and next settled on a location - choosing where there was parking, freeway access, and of course Portland's busiest Jamba Juice. Filling out her roster of well trained betties, and using her husband's financial acumen, this business is set up for success - and any business that delivers a great product deserves your money - trust me, it is worth the drive!

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psst... they have hot pink color for down there!